Private Coachings: February 27-28, 2024
Workshop: Wednesday, February 28, 8:30pm ($25/person)

We are pleased to announce an American-style Rhythm workshop and individual coaching sessions with Irina Kudryashova. Irina and her partner, Nazar Norov, are United States National Professional American Rhythm Vice-Champions and World American Rhythm Professional Silver Medalists. They are also Grand Finalists at every major Championship in the United States. Being one of the finalists in the Ohio Star Ball, Irina appeared in America’s Ballroom Challenge on PBS in 2015 representing the American Rhythm division. Irina and Nazar started their dance careers as International Latin dancers and quickly rose through the ranks of the professional American Rhythm division after they switched the style from Latin to Rhythm. Irina brings wealth of knowledge and experience in both Latin and Rhythm styles, and offers world-class-level coachings for dancers who wish to elevate their dancing to the next level.

No reservation is needed to attend the workshop, so feel free to drop in. If you are interested in private coachings with Irina, please call us at (901) 752-0501 or contact us online.

Watch Irina dance!