Mr. Larry Moore has a tremendous dance experience:

  • He has been dancing for 57 years;
  • Larry has been doing ballroom dancing for 17 years;
  • He has also been attending several ballroom studios in town and was a part of the USA Dance Chapter in Memphis.

According to Larry, “Some of the best teachers who came to teach group classes at the USA Dance Chapter happen to be people who worked at Ultimate Ballroom.” So, as Mr. Larry Moore was looking for a place to dance in the last couple of years, Ultimate Ballroom became his first choice. “I have met a number of teachers over the years from Ultimate Ballroom as well as a few students who have already been taking classes here. So, it was kind of a natural fit for me,” said Larry.

Mr. Larry mentioned his favorite things about dancing, such as releasing muscle tension and increasing energy flow through movement. To Larry, dancing is not only about the physical movement; it is a way of self expression through the music and rhythm. “It takes you out of everyday world, and puts you in another world, which is kind of special,” said Larry. He chose ballroom dancing because he finds a special connection with his dance partners.

“Ballroom connects you with your partner, so you are actually able to express movements and styles that give you a feeling of accomplishment when you do it right.”

Mr. Larry has a few favorites dance styles, and one of them is Waltz. “When I came here, I told Jorja I want to be a Waltz king, because it is one of the things I learned badly back in the days of the ROTC military ball, in the 60s,” says Larry. But over the years, Mr. Larry has developed a real love for Rumba and Bolero. In fact, Bolero has become his favorite dance now.

“Bolero has all of the elegant moves of Rumba, and the music is always excellent. As I get older, I’m more inclined to try to do something which involves grace and smoothness.

Dancing has made a remarkable impact on Mr. Larry’s life. ”I guess, dancing has happened throughout my life because it gave me some aerobic training; something that burns energy; something that tests your flexibility, your agility, and your muscle strength,” said Larry.

Mr. Larry has an active lifestyle: ”When I was younger, I used to run every day, and I used to do a lot of Judo and Karate. But now, I don’t run very much, and I really got tired of being beaten up in Karate and throwing around in Judo. Dancing is much smoother, much more friendly, and it keeps my body in a good shape.”

But it is not only dancing that keeps Mr. Larry busy. “I have a multitude of hobbies — I still write (technical articles and novels), I’m very active in the local independent movie scene. I have been in a number of movies. In fact, I made 4 feature films on my own, and I’m working on my 5th movie. I’m always working on a screenplay in addition to keeping up with my family,” added Larry.

In 1994, Mr. Larry Moore published a poetry collection under the title “A Few Romantic Verses.” His poems reflect his dancing experience:

…spinning and turning
gasping for breath,
my mind wheels and my limbs fly
Can my partner follow?
Oh, Who cares!
Freedom, floating, flying…”

When asked about an advice he would give to new dancers, Mr. Larry recommends finding a good class that they feel comfortable with and not worrying about being good to begin with. “People of different levels and backgrounds are practicing at Ultimate Ballroom, but there is no need to be embarrassed.”

“Be patient with yourself, be happy with whatever you are doing and whatever level you are at. If you stay happy and stay constant, you will move up to another level,” advised Larry.



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