Competitive Dancing

Dance competitions are something you might wish to consider if you enjoy a challenge and learn well through setting definitive goals and timelines. Often referred to as “Pro-Am,” ballroom dance competitions are dance events where amateur students partner with a professional dance instructor. In these events, only the students are judged, while the professional helps you look and dance your best.

Pro-Am Ballroom Dance CompetitionsThere are several age groups and skill-level divisions available to ensure you compete against other dancers similar to your own age and ability. You can choose any dance style in which you wish to compete.

Our professional instructors are proud owners of multiple Top Teacher and Top Studio awards in regional and national dance competitions spanning the United States, such as Hotlanta, The Heritage, Emerald, Millennium, Hollywood, and Southeastern States. In addition, UB Pro-Am students regularly place as finalists and champions by winning numerous scholarship and championship events.

Furthermore, dance competitions are beautiful and glamorous affairs where your dancing is complemented by professional ballroom dance attire, hair, make-up and nails, so you look like a real pro! During these events, you also get an opportunity to enjoy watching the world’s top ballroom couples perform.

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