MIsha receiving a trophy for the studio

After participating in the latest Hollywood Dancesport Championship, held in Los Angeles, CA, at the end of October, the Ultimate Ballroom dance students and instructors returned home with more than just having an amazing experience but also with several awards. The studio has participated in the Hollywood Competition every year since 2010. The event took place at Hilton, Universal City, in the heart of Hollywood and right next to the Universal Studios.

Misha Konstantynov, the owner and dance instructor at Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio, was back on the competition dance floor for the first time this year after taking some time off, dancing American Style Rhythm and American Style Smooth with his long-time student Natalie Kerr, and International Latin with another long-time student Josie Howser.

Tracy, another long-time student at Ultimate Ballroom, felt really good about this competition as she felt fully prepared this time around after having a hurt knee for a few months. She came back strong by winning the Open Rhythm Scholarship and the Rhythm Dancesport Series. She also won Smooth 3 Dance Championship, placed 4th in the Open Smooth Scholarship, placed 2nd in the Dancesport Series, and placed 3rd in the Open Latin Scholarship!

Natalie got to do her very first 9 Dance and won this year! Tracy won the same category back in 2015 and 2016, so it was great to have Natalie “carry the torch” for the studio. Furthermore, Natalie won the American Style 9 Dance (Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing, Bolero, Mambo, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz), won the Silver American Rhythm Open Championship, the Rhythm Dancesport Series, and the Silver American Smooth Open Championship. She also placed 3rd in the Smooth Danceposrt Series and placed 4th in the Open Rhythm Scholarship.

Josie Howser also made the studio proud by winning the American Rhythm 2 Dance and 3 Dance Championships, the American Smooth 2 Dance and 3 Dance Championships, the American Smooth Open Championship, and the International Latin 2 Dance and 3 Dance Championships. She placed 3rd in the Senior International Latin Scholarship and placed 3rd in the Fundraising Charity Event, the American Smooth Challenge, dancing with Michael Mead, a former American Smooth Champion.

Since the event is typically held very close to Halloween, the judges and the staff dress up traditionally in Halloween costumes on the last day of the competition. One of the exciting moments for Josie was being serenaded and kissed on a cheek by Mary Murphy, one of the competition organizers and a judge for the successful TV show “So You Think You Can Dance,” dressed as Pitbull.

“This was one of the best competitions I’ve ever attended.” – Tracy

After putting in some hard work on the dance floor, the students and teachers also got to enjoy the spooky and spectacular “Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights” attractions at the Universal Studios and had lots of fun.

Finally, during the award night, the Ultimate Ballroom Studio was honored to receive the following awards:

  • Top Dancesport Series Award for Tracy and Josie
  • Top Gold Star Student Award for Tracy
  • Top Gold Student Award for Josie
  • Top Studio of Excellency for Ultimate Ballroom

We are so proud of our students and teachers for their hard work and accomplishments and for representing the Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio so well!

Are you ready to take your dancing to the next level? Every dance competition comes with a package full of excitement. The participating students get immersed in the glamour, style and world’s top dance performances during each of these events. Part of the fun is dressing up in a gorgeous gown or a fun fringe dress, getting make-up, nails and hair done, and having those fairy-tale moments on the dance floor.

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