Drew and AmberDrew and Amber share not only their life together but they also have a mutual hobby – ballroom dancing! I often see them during my dance classes… dancing side by side with their instructors. Drew typically has his lesson with Miss Jorja, and Amber dances with Mr. Ben. It’s so inspiring to see a couple spending time together while doing what they both enjoy. Drew and Amber also love performing at the studio’s ballroom showcases and being each other’s cheerleader! So, I reached out to Amber with curiosity about what it’s like to take dance lessons as a couple…

How did you and Drew meet? Can you tell me a little bit about yourselves and share your love story?

Drew and I first met in college. We both attended Pensacola Christian College. He was transferred to the same department that I was working at the summer of his freshman year and my junior year. I eventually trained him to take my place for when I graduated. We were friends and enjoyed working with each other in college. After I left college, we became FB friends, and I saw him once when he was visiting his sister, who happened to attend the same church I did for awhile. Several years go by, and both of us are on the same dating website. I happened to see his profile, and we began talking to each other again. We began hanging out with each other for a few months, then he asked me to be his girlfriend at a performance of Phantom of the Opera. That was in September, and the next July we took a mission trip to Kenya with some of our friends. It was in Kenya that he asked me to marry him. Then, on March 19, 2016, we got married and took a honeymoon to London and Wales.

How did you discover Ultimate Ballroom studio and what is your past dance experience?

Drew discovered Ultimate Ballroom on our first Valentine’s Day as a dating couple. He bought us the introductory package for my Valentine’s gift. Neither one of us has had much dance experience.

What is your favorite ballroom dance style?

My favorite dance style would have to be Tango. His favorite dance style is Foxtrot.

As a couple, what is it like to share a dancing hobby together?

I think it is amazing for us to share this hobby together. Dancing is something we both enjoy doing and learning together. People are telling us all the time that it is amazing that we have a hobby that we share. Dancing is something we both get excited about, and it makes it better that we have our best friend doing it with us as well.

What’s your most memorable moment at Ultimate Ballroom?

Our most memorable moment is when we did the Beauty and the Beast dance at a showcase. We actually did this dance with Ben and Jorja in the number as well. It was really neat to dance part of the dance with our instructors and then switch to dance part of it with each other.

Besides dancing, what other hobbies or activities do you enjoy as a couple?

We both enjoy traveling. We are currently planning a trip to France this summer together. We love discovering new places to eat or visit in Memphis and around the city. We really love going shopping together or just hanging at the house while relaxing with our dog. We also love going to see plays or shows at the Orpheum and Redbirds games.

What advice would you give to other couples who are considering taking dance lessons together?

I would tell other couples to give it a try. Everyone has the ability to dance, and it is super fun to learn with someone you love. Going to dance lessons gives you the ability to do something together every week and just to slow down and focus on each other. You are never too old to learn something new.

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