UB dance students Bryce and Nikki

For some couples, date night may mean going out to a nice restaurant for dinner; for others, it may be ordering pizza and binging out on some Netflix. For Bryce and Nikki, spending quality time together has a whole new meaning!

Bryce and Nikki enjoy having “their time” on the dance floor, which allows them to recharge, reconnect and have fun together while engaging in learning to dance.

At Ultimate Ballroom, private dance lessons are not only for single individuals but for couples as well! Just ask our instructor Yana. She frequently works with couples on the dance floor, helping them improve their steps, teaching them lead-and-follow technique as well as proper hand connection and styling. Bryce and Nikki are a dance couple currently training with Yana, so we asked them about their experience of taking dance lessons together.

How did you find out about us?

Thanks to Google search. We wanted to make it like a date night, so we just looked for a dance studio around. On Google, you have a lot of positive results and good reviews.

Have you ever danced before?

Bryce: Not at all.

Nikki: As a child, I did Ballet, Tap & Jazz.

Why did you choose ballroom dancing?

It seems more romantic for us. It is a couple deal… dancing could be a very intimate thing. And, it’s a pretty style of dance too. If we go out somewhere, everybody can say: “Definitely, this couple can dance!”

What was your first impression when you entered the studio?

I worked at a gym as a trainer, so I can tell our businesses are close. I know how important the client service is. When I came into the studio, I saw very professional people here and, obviously, knowledgeable. Your attitude to the clients is special. Also, everybody was very welcoming. Once you are part of the studio, people become open to you, talk to each other. Its nice to meet new people here and meet friends. You are like a dance family!

What was the most challenging thing for you when you started dancing?

Bryce: I have never danced before, so literally putting the feet together was one of the most challenging things. Also, feeling the music… the flow of it. However, I had no problems with the rhythm.

Nikki: For me, arm styling is the new thing. Also, it is challenging to feel the difference between various ballroom dance styles. Some of the steps are similar, but the style and rhythm are different.

UB students Bryce and NikkiWhat is your favorite dance and why?

Bryce: Probably, Cha-cha-cha. I like the speed of it. Also, it has a lot of hip motion and turns. While dancing the slow one, we need to fill in the gaps, but in Cha-cha-cha we are moving constantly. It’s an active dance.

Nikki: For me, Swing feels very natural. Turns and steps are quite easy, and it makes the dance flow.

As a couple, what is it like to share the dance hobby together?

Nikki: I really enjoy it because it is something that is special for us. We know this is our date night — something that takes time for us. We both enjoy it, and we can practice at home, and it is just us. I think a lot more couples should try this. It’s also romantic… I enjoy listening to his lead.

Bryce: Dancing together is not just a regular date. She is enjoying it, and it makes me enjoy dancing more. It’s always fun to share a hobby. For example, dancing is not the only hobby for us. We enjoy lifting weights as well.

Would you recommend Ultimate Ballroom to your friends?

We have recommended, multiple times.

What advice would you give to other people who are considering taking dance lessons?

Some of my friends have no partners to come and dance with. I told them that most of the clients are coming here alone — to dance, to practice, to communicate, and to meet new people. You will enjoy it for sure!

Also, people may think they will be embarrassed, and everybody will stare at them, judging them. Its not true, at all. Friendly dancing environment here will help you forget about all doubts about dancing. You will have a great time at Ultimate Ballroom.

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