Dancing with the StarsAnd the winners are… Adam and Jenna! Just as I picked out my favorite couple at the very beginning, Adam and Jenna, the fun and exciting duo, got to the end of the show and became this season’s winners of Dancing with the Stars: Athletes! The last day of the competition was all about celebration of each athlete’s individual style, personal growth and essence. Each couple prepared two dances for the night, one of them being the most anticipated freestyle dance:

  • Tonya and Sasha presented a thrilling disco-inspired dance with lots of tricks and cartwheels.
  • Josh and Sharna brought the football theme onto the dance floor, incorporating elements of the game into their dramatic performance.
  • Adam and Jenna finished up the night with an unexpected, edgy, modern and innovative dance.

It’s been a great season, and now I’m super excited for DWTS: Juniors coming this fall!

by Ballroom Butterfly



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