Robert HaynieRobert has been many things in his life – dad, granddad, Christian pilgrim, soldier, civil engineer, writer, triathlete, Tai Chi artist, musician, dancer, and the list goes on. However, for the Ultimate Ballroom family, Robert has been a spark of light and inspiration.

I got a pleasure of meeting Robert Haynie at one of the studio’s Friday-night dance parties, and he is always such a joy to be around and to dance with. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Robert without a smile on his face. In today’s world, when negativity and harsh words seem to prevail, Robert has a way with his words, which aim to uplift and spread good spirit and positivity. And, he has quite a flair for poetry, so enjoy his beautiful poem “Dancing on the Clouds” below!

Tell us about your experience with dancing

Dancing became a part of my life about ten years ago. It really became a major focus six years ago when the Ultimate Ballroom opened. The most amazing friends have become an important part of my life as a result of my dancing experience.

What’s your favorite ballroom dance style?

My favorite dance style is the “freestyle” Swing. No rules, just feeling the music and having fun with each step. A song like “Mustang Sally” always has a good beat. A close second is the Rumba. It allows you to enjoy the quiet flow of the moment with your partner.

5 Favorite things about Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio

When I consider the Ultimate Ballroom, five favorite thing come to mind: instructors, atmosphere, dance floor, friends and fun!

Do you find ballroom dancing having any health benefits?

Ballroom dancing has numerous health benefits based on my experience. It rejoices the soul, refreshes the heart and mind, releases tension, offers a refuge from one of life’s storms, allows you to simply relax and have fun, strengthens the mind-body connection, and releases the brain’s natural feel-good chemicals. Feeling the love of friends certainly has health benefits.

Which Ultimate Ballroom events do you enjoy attending?

The Ultimate Ballroom offers a number of events for us to enjoy. The Friday-night dances, the Saturday-night dances, and the showcase numbers are at the top of my list.

Do you have another talent or hobby?

Tai Chi is a current hobby that I really enjoy. It is an ancient Chinese martial art which we practice with forms adapted for health purposes. There is a lot of similarity between this art and ballroom dancing as it relates to the mind-body connection.

What gives you inspiration?

I am inspired by:

  • The smile on the face of a child with cancer;
  • The unconditional love on the face of Jesus;
  • The courage on the face of a friend facing a challenge;
  • The beauty on the face of nature.

May we dance all the way to heaven… and then really dance!

by Ballroom Butterfly



Come with me,
we will dance on the clouds.
High above the earth,
we will touch the sky.
Feeling the energy of the sun,
with dances full of love and life.
Dancing slow and easy,
as our clouds drift across the sky.
Dancing wild and free,
as our clouds race across the sky.
Dancing in the moon light,
playing hide and seek with our clouds.
Embracing each cloud,
with a dancing hug.
Laughing with the stars,
as we dance with endless delight.

– Poem by Robert L. Haynie



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