Noelia GuerreroUltimate Ballroom is pleased to announce an upcoming Argentine Tango workshop and coaching with Noelia Guerrero on June 18, 7:45pm – 9:15pm. The workshop is $35 per person (80 minutes).

Noelia V. Guerrero was born in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also began her career at age of 8 in Ballet and Contemporary Dance on the Municipal School of Dance Norma Fontella. At 14 years old, she dabbled in Jazz, Contemporary and Salsa. At age of 15 she performed her first Salsa Shows and started traveling to several, national and international, Salsa Congress. In 2007 she moved to Buenos Aires where she ventures into the Argentine Tango and Ballroom Dance world and achieves an important recognition in Salsa to be the first dancer in implement Ballroom Dance techniques in this Latin genre, positioning her between first and second places in the most prestigious Championships in South America. At the same time Noelia worked as a dancer in several theater plays touring around the country. She also worked as Coach Assistant on the TV program Dancing with the Stars in Argentina. Noelia received her first gold medal in Ballroom Dance in 2008 in the South American World Dance Experience Championship, American Rhythm.

Here is the video of Noelia dancing the Argentine Tango at Elegant Rumba’s 6th Anniversary. Enjoy!