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Svitlana Shaporenko


Svitlana was born in Ukraine where she began her dance journey at the age of 5. After a couple of years, she was partnered up with her brother Misha as they began their dance training and competing together. They were first-place Ukrainian champions six times and championship finalists in Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Belarus. As they got older, Svitlana and her brother also began teaching dance lessons at their family studio in Ukraine.

Svitlana has acquired quite a few titles and achievements along her dance career, such as:

~ Professional ballroom dancer;
~ Six-time dance champion of Ukraine;
~ Dance champion of Israel;
~ Winner and finalist of open dance competitions in Europe;
~ Ukrainian Master of Sports of International Class for Sports Dances;
~ Trainer of the Higher Category of Sports Dances;
~ World-class dance competition judge.

In addition, Svitlana has 20 years of experience in teaching dance. Her students regularly placed as finalists and champions in various dance competitions of Ukraine and Europe. 

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