Denys Koloda


Denys Koloda started to take dance lessons when he was 8 years old in Nikolaev, Ukraine. Enjoying the physical aspect of ballroom dancing, he competed as an amateur and a professional and won many competitions. What captivated him, however, was the performance aspects of ballroom dancing. He became a member of a performance crew in Ukraine first, then moved on to perform in many other countries including Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, and Morocco as he joined as a cast member of “Burn the Floor,” a long-lasting dance show.

Having traveled the world, Denys was ready for his next stage in his professional life and decided to join Ultimate Ballroom as an instructor. His dedication to dancing and talent for teaching were clearly demonstrated by his students’ accomplishments back in Ukraine and here in Memphis, TN. His students in Ukraine have received many awards and prizes from competitions. His Memphis students have already performed in shows and have shown significant improvement in their dancing.

What motivates Denys is the enjoyment he sees in his students when he teaches. Ultimate Ballroom is proud to have such a dedicated instructor.

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