Unleash your inner spirit and creativity
How do you typically like to express yourself? Is it singing (in the shower), making art, challenging yourself physically, etc.? Ballroom dancing is a perfect way to unleash your inner spirit and creativity. For example, you could design and perform a dance with the help of one of our dance instructors and dedicate it to an important person or event in your life. Or, express yourself by dressing up in a fun outfit for one of our social dance parties.


Let your hair down or up
Ballroom Dancing is so much fun because dressing up and having your hair and make-up done are all part of the experience, especially if you participate in our studio showcases or attend dance competitions offered by Ultimate Ballroom. Wish to have your Cinderella moment, want to channel your inner Marilyn (your alternate ego) or the legendary Fred Astaire? Ultimate Ballroom has a dance style for that!


Try something new
Never tried ballroom before? Maybe it’s time to try something new, and it doesn’t matter what your background is. At Ultimate Ballroom, we have various dance packages and services which cater to your specific needs and your dance-skill level. Between private lessons, beginner and advanced group classes, you can find the right fit for you.


Inspire and be inspired by others
It is so inspiring to watch someone express themselves in a dance because ballroom dancing is an art form that is pure in the fact that it happens in the moment and is completely authentic. The students at Ultimate Ballroom all have their special talents and strengths, so there is something to learn from everyone.


Make friends
At Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio, we host many social dance parties which are open to everyone. No partner is necessary as all of our students and instructors greatly enjoy dancing with all those who attend. Whether you are an experienced dancer or stepping onto the floor for the first time, our dance parties are a great way to make new friends and have fun with others who share your interest in dancing.


Attend a group dance class
In our group classes, students are given the opportunity to work with each other while either learning new steps to a new dance in our beginner classes or learning finer elements of body movements in our advanced classes. All of our group classes are designed to help you learn key elements that will further grow your skill and confidence. Be sure to check our calendar regularly for weekly dance class offerings.


Take a private dance lesson
As with any learning-based environment, one-on-one instruction is the best, most efficient way to go. Our private lessons give you just that. Our professional dance instructors work individually with each student or couple to give them the individual attention that only private lessons can provide. Each private lesson is specifically designed for the student.


Experience our dance studio
Since 2012, Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio has served as the premier dance studio for ballroom dance lessons and dance classes in Memphis and surrounded communities. Enjoy our high-quality, professional 2600-square-feet floating dance floor and elite commercial sound system. Become part of our ballroom family!


Better your technique
If you already have previous dance experience and want to improve your ballroom dancing skills, then our studio can offer you the opportunities through advanced dance classes, workshops and dance competitions. Our professional and award-winning dance instructors are the best in town!


Act up!
Honestly, how many times do you get to let loose and act up once you become an adult? Almost never. Maybe when you are at home, playing with your kids. Well, think of Ultimate Ballroom as a place where it’s OK to be a “kid” again: act up, crack up, mess up, and slip up. And most importantly, just have fun and live in the moment!


Learn to lead or follow
One of the important lessons in ballroom dancing is learning the art of leading and following between the dance partners. Unlike other types of dancing or physical activity only performed by one person, ballroom dancing is strongly based on developing a solid partnership. So, learn how to be a great team player.


Learn new dance skills
Just like any other trade which takes time to master, there is always something new to learn in your ballroom dancing class. Part of the fun in learning the trade is the process itself. Just when you think you’ve mastered a certain move or a step, there is always room for improvement or a different way of expression. Each ballroom dance style offers a unique mindset, technique and execution, so keep on learning.


Recharge your “batteries”
You’ve had a long day at work and you don’t feel like working out… come to Ultimate Ballroom! Get great exercise while having lots of fun, recharge your batteries and get your energy flowing again. Dancing is a perfect way to take the stress off the day and let it get swept away on the dance floor.


Overcome your fears
Struggling with social anxiety? Ballroom dancing is your best friend when it comes to developing the strength and confidence to express yourself freely in front of others. The more you practice your dance steps and conquer your fear of being in the spotlight, the more you will feel confident about yourself in other life situations.


Open up!
Nothing will get you to open up more than ballroom dancing because you get to share the experience with another human being. The best strategy is to go with the flow and realize that learning together, sharing and being vulnerable doesn’t have to be so scary. It can actually be very empowering!


Make memories
Enough said. At Ultimate Ballroom, there is something for everyone. Make great memories while learning to dance and share the experience with others. Our studio offers topnotch ballroom dancing instruction while making the dance lessons and classes very fun and easy. Let’s dance!

by Ballroom Butterfly



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