Live, love, dance… What a better way to give and receive love than sharing a dance with someone. Human connection is the ultimate expression of love. When words are not enough to express our true heart, we take it to the dance floor and get swept away by the music and by our soul taking us on a joyful journey of self-expression.

To celebrate the LOVE of dance, we asked our wonderful students and guests at Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio to share what they love about ballroom dancing. Enjoy the slideshow!

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“I love dancing because it visually translates emotions, stories, etc. into movement. It is a worldwide language. It is a sharing of energy between audience and performer as well as partners. The more you give, the more you get. I love ballroom, specifically, because you have another human being to share the experience with and create with.”

~ Tracy

“A bad day at the ballroom is better than a good day doing anything else. A good day on the dance floor feels like being in love!”

~ Darryl

“I am a very competitive person. My background is in volleyball so I’m used to having a goal to train toward. Dancesport is literally a sport and it is a way to disconnect from the stresses of life. It is a way to invest in myself. “

~ Lizzie

“As someone with a background in music, art and theater, I love and appreciate the expression, playfulness and, at the same time, sophistication of ballroom dancing. I love exploring and playing with different characters in each dance style. It’s a beautiful form of art. It is a way to connect to your soul.”

~ Irina

“What do I love about ballroom dancing? Absolutely everything… I love the people I meet in the ballroom. They inspire me. I love the instructors and the choreography that challenge me. I can be having the worst day ever, walk into the ballroom, and it’s always better. Dancing restores my soul and gives me something to look forward to.”

~ Pam

“Dance gives me the ability to express my emotions. Whether I’m excited, passionate, or perhaps even melancholy, there is a style that can communicate that feeling. When I walk in the door to dance, I’m in an awesome mood because none of the stress of life can affect me. I’m happy and living in the moment of dance.”

~ Rachel

“It is simply impossible for me to not be happy when I am ballroom dancing. Dancing with wonderful friends is so much fun. It is like dancing on the clouds with complete freedom of expression.”

~ Robert


“I love ballroom dancing because it’s a great stress reliever. When I’m dancing, I escape from reality. It’s also great exercise that is fun. I don’t even realize how much I’m working because I’m having a blast. Ballroom dance gives me confidence, a sense of accomplishment and all while challenging me. I couldn’t imagine life without ballroom dance!”

~ Joy


“I love that dance is an international language all on its own and I really love when I tell or show people I can dance and they are surprised! Most of all, I love how much fun I’ve been having dancing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”

~ Jenna



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