Last week, Ultimate Ballroom dance studio celebrated its 6-Year Anniversary, and it was full of fun, glamour, sizzle and lots of surprises! The event featured beautiful one-of-a-kind dance performances by the studio’s talented dance instructors and students. For the past few months, the dancers worked really hard to prepare their performance routines – designing choreography, practicing steps, putting together their costumes and props – all to create the most entertaining event for the audience. Every year, the studio puts on a few of these showcases, and there is always something new to look forward to. If there is one phrase to describe this showcase, it would be “pure entertainment and fun.” Among the beautiful strictly-ballroom dances, there were quite a few “theatrical” numbers featuring props, themes, and stories. It’s so exciting to see students expressing different sides of their personality through various dance styles. Check out the photos from the showcase!



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