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There is something extraordinary about expressing yourself through movement, particularly in a dance. Our bodies are truly miraculous machines designed to be perfect vehicles taking us on a ride in this human journey we call “Life.”

Sometimes we take our bodies for granted, constantly trying to find flaws or dwell on certain limitations. However, our bodies are doing an amazing job all day every day without our active or conscious participation in the process. Just think about the multitude of functions our bodies perform while we don’t even think about it, such as breathing, digesting food, fighting infections and sometimes carrying a baby – all at the same time! It takes a perfect balance to keep a person alive, nourished, energized, healthy and happy.

Our bodies are like a big loving community of cells, molecules, organs, and other small and large components – all “dancing” to a perfect synchrony. Just like every orchestra has a conductor purposely waving and directing his arms to the flow of music, our bodies are meant to flow to the beat of life. But, who is “conducting the orchestra” and what does it mean to flow?

At the very core of our human existence, we are a pure energy force which finds its home in a physical body of every person. That energy occupies different centers in our body, creating a perfect balance within. In many spiritual and healing disciplines, the word “chakra” comes up a lot. It is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning the “wheel” and is literally translated from Hindi as the “wheel of spinning energy.” A chakra is like a powerhouse of energy. Within our bodies, you have seven of these major energy centers.

That constant flow of energy is essential to our health and well-being. Often, when we experience difficult emotions or stress, those emotions become trapped and create blockages in our energy centers and therefore can lead to body ailments and other discomfort. That’s why we often hear people say “Keep moving!” It’s important to keep our body in motion and in the flow in order to stay healthy and strong.

When we dance, we allow our bodies to literally “shake off” any stagnation or blocked energy which could have become stuck in our energetic layer of the body. Also, the excitement and positive emotions experienced in dancing as a physical activity help facilitate the process of our body coming to its natural balance. Furthermore, dancing can help us reactivate that essential energetic flow which we are supposed to experience for the optimal functioning of the body.

Unlike other types of dance, many dance styles in ballroom dancing are based on smooth and flowing movement, and the complex techniques focus not only on the movement itself but also on correct positioning and alignment of the body, such as extension of arms and legs, proper rotation and posture. Similar to Yoga or Tai Chi, the smooth division of ballroom dances in particular can be a great form of exercise for anyone requiring a more gentle approach to physical activity.

So, take good care of your body, keep on moving, and keep on dancing!

by Irina McGuire



  1. Robert Haynie

    You are such a talented writer, Irina. You have captured the essence of dancing quite well. With my practice of Tai Chi, I often feel and experience the similarities with ballroom dancing, especially the flow of internal energy. Energy that then finds external expression in movement and the dance. Thanks.

  2. Irina M

    Thank you! 🙂


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