Mary Vines is a student at Ultimate Ballroom and has been dancing at the studio for about 4 years.

“I’m here because I love to dance and because it’s fun.”

At the very beginning, Mary preferred the social dancing aspect the most, such as attending group classes and studio dance parties. “I can meet people. It’s a great place to meet people,” she says. As Mary progressed further in her dancing and gained a few skills, she became more interested in trying something she has never done before, so she decided to start performing at ballroom dance competitions offered by Ultimate Ballroom. With this new challenge, Mary began her more in-depth dance training with her dance teacher (who is also her dance partner at the competition), which required learning new technique and choreography for several different ballroom dances in order to prep for the competitions ahead. So far, Mary has competed a few times in various out-of-state competitions and made the studio very proud with her results.

Ballroom dancing became a special hobby not only for Mary but for her family members as well.

“A couple years ago, my 9-year-old granddaughter (who was seven then) decided that she wanted to start dancing because she wanted to be like her grandma.”

Mary and her granddaughter, Emily, get to spend more time together and bond over dancing. They both take private lessons and perform in the studio showcases. Check out Mary’s latest show dance number!

And to make it even better, about a year ago, Mary’s daughter decided that she wanted to start dancing also. “So, now there are three of us!” says Mary.

Mary mentioned that she has made so many friends at the studio. “We are all like a big family here.” She loves to attend the social dance parties, where she can spend time with her friends while dancing.

“We have a lot of people here. You can never get enough friends.”



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