Cha Cha Show Dance at Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio

“The New Beginning”

Ballroom Dancing is not a new concept to Marianne. Having grown up with dancers in her own family, she has been introduced to it from an early age and has been dancing for over a decade. So now, Marianne is ready to take her dancing to the next level by getting more in depth with the dance technique and by challenging herself to experience and learn new things.

How did you find out about us?

I’ve found out about you from my friend who danced at Ultimate Ballroom since this place was open. My friend told me all the good things about the studio and all the wonderful instructors.

Have you ever danced before?

I have. I’ve been dancing for a long time, about 10+ years. But, before a was dancing a little bit “boxy.” I have not stretched my muscles enough. My dance instructor, Denys, showed me how to stretch and to move in a proper way — how to move my arms and rib cage, how to make my back more flexible. He showed me some exercises to do at home, too.

Why do you choose ballroom dancing?

I choose ballroom dancing because when I was a young girl, it was the time of Disco. During that time, I did not realized how graceful ballroom dancing was, and I did not know exactly what it was either. My grandmother was a ballroom dancer, and my uncle was a ballroom teacher in New York, but, when they invited me to try it at the time, I did not pursue it because I didn’t understand it or knew how to use it in my life. Later, the line dancing was very popular here in the USA, and that’s when I met my friend who did ballroom dancing. She introduced me to it. And, I was so excited when I saw the professionals dancing. I was also so happy to realize that you can perform ballroom dancing to any type of music. That attracted me to it.

What was your first impression when you entered the studio?

I felt very comfortable from the very first day in the studio.

I saw the instructors working with the students, and I noticed how they explained everything so well. They were discussing quite difficult things, but I saw joy on people’s faces. They were happy to be here, and everyone was having a very good time.

When you enter the studio, you realize, “I’m in the dance hall, and the instructors are doing their job very professionally.”
~ Marianne

In the studio, there are people of all levels learning how to dance, and everyone is so welcoming. People greet you, everybody says your name — it’s a very important thing too!

I had just a few lessons with Denys, and I was “hooked.” With Denys, I feel I’m progressing in the dancing and learning a lot.

What is your favorite ballroom dance?

I love the International Rumba a lot, as this dance is so graceful. I’ve listened to Rumba music, and I love it so much. It is slow, so you can stretch every part of your body; it’s almost like ballet. Also, I love the Rhythm dances, especially the Cha-cha-cha. Every dance is really lovely, but, for now, the Rumba is my favorite.

Will you recommend the studio to your friends?

Since I’ve been here, I found out I knew a lot of people here before I came here… my co-workers, my teachers. Also, my friends asked me about the studio, and I’ve already recommended them. I love to dance, and this place is very welcoming. It has a sense of elegance.

by Ballroom Butterfly



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