Genenne Wilson is a student at Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio and has been dancing for about a year and a half. She has mentioned several benefits of taking the ballroom lessons.

“I have started coming to Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio because, as I’m maturing in my age, I realize that I need to take care of my bones, my muscles, and even my mind.”

Genenne has also talked about the social benefits of dancing. She has made so many new friends at the studio. They can dance together, spend some time together. “The friendship has been wonderful,” says Genenne. Dancing has improved her confidence. “First time I was walking through the door, I was thinking I can’t do this; I’m scared. But now, when I come, I’m so excited; I can’t wait to start dancing.”

Now Genenne is getting ready to dance at the showcase, which is going to be beautiful! She will be performing a dance number with her dance instructor, Mr. Denys.

“Mr. Denys is teaching me things and taking me places I have never dreamed I could do.”

Genenne mentioned the importance of taking group classes too. “Every evening, I can come for a different class, and I get to experience having a class from all the dance instructors. Each evening—a different instructor. How much better can it be?”

Genenne is thankful to Ultimate Ballroom Dance studio for making an improvement in her life. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” says Genenne.



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