Blake and MarianneHow did you find out about Ultimate Ballroom?

Through Tom Hamilton (another student) and the internet.

Have you had previous experience dancing?

A little bit several years ago.

Why did you choose to do ballroom dancing?

The social aspect of it, as we were looking for friends. We needed a hobby instead of watching tv. I’ve always loved to dance.

What is your ideal/dream dance that you would like to dance?

Personally, Tango.

What was your first impression when you first entered the studio?

Very friendly and welcoming.

What was the most challenging aspect when beginning to learn how to dance?

The muscle memory, stumbling all over my partner; making my body do something it has never done before.

As of right now, which style of dance is your favorite? Why?

I like rumba and swing. We like something with a beat. It’s different than Waltz or Foxtrot. They’re more casual and have a strong beat.

As a couple, what is it like to share this hobby together?

I love it, I think it’s fun. It’s good. We just need more room at the house to not stumble over each other. It’s been good for us as a couple.

Do you have any other hobbies besides dancing?

We’re falconers, and we train hawks. We’ve bred them in the past; but together we just fly birds. I’ve been doing it 3 years (Marianne). I’ve been doing it 26 years (Blake).

Would you recommend the studio to your friends or family?

Absolutely. I already have (Blake). My nephew invited us to another place. We didn’t exactly feel comfortable there. We then started looking for another studio, and I invited him to come to Ultimate Ballroom (Marianne).



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