Private Dance Lessons


Due to COVID-19, you can now take your private lessons in the comfort of your home. Your dance instructor will put together a plan tailored to your specific dancing needs. Contact us for more information.

As with any learning based environment, one-on-one instruction is the best, most efficient way to go. Our private lessons give you just that. Our professional dance instructors work individually with each student or couple to give them the individual attention that only private lessons can provide.

Each private lesson is specifically designed for the student. Here at Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio, we customize each individual lesson to cater to the students’ own personal goals. Whether working toward being a wonderful social dancer or a ballroom dancing competitor, our private lessons allow the student to learn at a speed that is most comfortable for them while still providing just enough challenge to provide optimal progression.

Not only do we teach our students the basic fundamentals for the dance or dances of their choosing, we provide a more in-depth look at each dance. As our students progress in their dancing career, they are shown varying techniques to help them reach their full dancing potential.

As a student at Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio, you are given private instruction only on the dance or dances you choose to learn. The most common favorites are Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing, Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot, but there are many others to choose from as well. With all the options available, there is always something new to learn!

While private lessons do provide the majority of ballroom dance instruction, there is one aspect that cannot be taught in private lessons. That, of course, is the experience that only group dance classes and practice parties can provide. Please see our Group Dance Classes and Social Dance Parties pages for more information on how these events can benefit you and your ballroom dancing career!

Ready to dance? Check out our special offers for new students, private and group lessons! If you have questions, please contact us.

Introductory Special - $30 - Ballroom & Latin Dances

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