Ultimate Ballroom group dance class

Group Dance Classes

FREE Group Classes – every Thursday at 7:45pm!

In response to the many effects Covid-19 has had on our community, we would like to extend the opportunity for anyone and everyone to have the chance to dance. Join us for our complementary group classes!

The social aspect is arguably the best part of ballroom dancing. At Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio, we offer special events to provide that social interaction while still in an educational atmosphere. These events include our group classes. All of our group classes are designed to help you learn fundamental steps and figures that will further grow your dance skills and confidence.

Beginner Group

In our beginner group classes, students are given the opportunity to learn the basics steps to a particular dance, as well as a chance to dance these steps while partnering with other students.

Intermediate Group

Our intermediate group classes include beginner- and intermediate-level patterns with exercises and explanations of the basic characteristics, techniques, or style of that particular dance.

Advanced Group

The advanced group classes offer patterns from the Bronze and Silver Syllabi and a more detailed level of technique. In this class, you will work on the finer elements of body movements.

International Technique

In our International Technique group classes, you will learn various dance compositions based on the International style of ballroom dance, including arm styling, technique and more.

Simply Stretch

In our Simply Stretch classes, students will be led through exercises to improve flexibility, balance and stability. A chair is provided for assistance, and no mat is necessary. This class is low-impact and is designed for all levels and ages.

Things to know:

  • All group classes are $10/person
  • Each class is 45 minutes long
  • No partner is necessary to join our group classes.
  • View our calendar for class schedule.
  • Monthly pass is available (purchase below).

We also encourage you to attend our weekly Social Dance parties where you can practice what you’ve learned as well as socialize and make new friends.

Note: There is no longer a Begin./Int. group class at 7:00pm on Wednesdays. Please check the calendar for the updated schedule.

In addition, our group classes serve as a wonderful supplement to the one-on-one instruction offered in our private dance lessons.

Purchase group classes

Pay for group classes via PayPal below or download the MindBody app to pay for classes, see schedule and more.

1 Group Class or Monthly Pass

Be sure to check out our monthly calendar for regularly updated beginner and intermediate group classes, follow our Facebook page for news, dance class announcements, and be part of our ballroom family!


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