Ballroom Dance Showcases

Do you enjoy being on stage? At Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio, we love to give our students an opportunity to showcase all they have been learning. Throughout the year, we host several exhibitions that allow our students to perform a customized routine in front of a live audience.

You can choose your style of dance and song, or have your instructor assist you. Your instructor will then choreograph and design a dance specifically geared to showcase your individual strengths. Not only will you be shown the steps for your personal routine, you will also learn the techniques and “styling” to really make your performance be the one to remember.

Novelty Dance

If you feel like being creative, you may also choose to have a “Novelty Dance” choreographed for you, which can include elements of different dance styles, special theme, costumes and more! Here are a few examples:

Lights, camera, and… your look!

Another fun part of our ballroom dance showcases is getting a chance to dress up in a pretty ballroom dress or a nice suit as well as getting hair and makeup done just for the occasion. Also, we offer complementary video and photography services during all the performances, so that you have a great memory of your dance to share with others.

Finally, invite your friends and family to share your experience! Here, you will be given the floor and the spotlight to perform with your partner, while surrounded by your loved ones and many others who share your love of dance.

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Watch the video from our 10-Anniversary Showcase:

View more incredible performances on our Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe and share!
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