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At Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio, there is something for everyone. Whether you enjoy performing, want to improve your dance skills, or just simply love socializing and having a good time, our studio can give you the experience you are looking for. We offer a variety of services to suit your individual needs.

Private dance lesson at Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio

Private Dance Lessons

Practice and learn one-on-one with our professional dance instructors and receive the individual attention that only private lessons can provide.

Group class at Ultimate Ballroom

Group Dance Classes

Learn new steps to a dance in our beginner classes or fine-tune elements of body movements in our advance classes.

Social dancing at Ultimate Ballroom

Social Dance Parties

Our social dance parties are open to everyone, so join us! No partner is necessary as all of our students and instructors greatly enjoy dancing with all those who attend the party.

Cha Cha Show Dance at Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio

Ballroom Dance Showcases

Pick your favorite dance style, learn one-of-a-kind choreography and show off your skills in front of a live audience at our studio showcase events.

Wedding dance lessons at Ultimate Ballroom

Wedding Dance Lessons

A slow dance of love, a flowing sweep across the floor, or a jazzy piece with dips and spins… Create an unforgettable memory with a special first dance as husband and wife.

Pro-Am Ballroom Dance Competitions

Competitive Dancing

Take your dancing to another level! Compete with other couples and experience the glamour, style and world’s top dance performances by taking part in dance competitions.

Alexandra Perzhu Workshop

Workshops and Coachings

Learn dance skills from award-winning dancers as Ultimate Ballroom frequently welcomes championship-level dance coaches into our studio.

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From our blog

Student Spotlight: Gregory Matthews

Student Spotlight: Gregory Matthews

Gregory likes a good challenge, and ballroom dancing can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to learning different ballroom dance styles and techniques. For example, competitive ballroom dancing is actually considered a sport, since it requires athleticism,...

Student Spotlight: Larry Moore

Student Spotlight: Larry Moore

Mr. Larry Moore has a tremendous dance experience: He has been dancing for 57 years; Larry has been doing ballroom dancing for 17 years; He has also been attending several ballroom studios in town and was a part of the USA Dance Chapter in Memphis. According to Larry,...

Student Spotlight: Mary Vines

Student Spotlight: Mary Vines

Mary Vines is a student at Ultimate Ballroom and has been dancing at the studio for about 4 years. “I’m here because I love to dance and because it's fun.” At the very beginning, Mary preferred the social dancing aspect the most, such as attending group classes and...

Student Spotlight: Genenne Wilson

Student Spotlight: Genenne Wilson

Genenne Wilson is a student at Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio and has been dancing for about a year and a half. She has mentioned several benefits of taking the ballroom lessons. “I have started coming to Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio because, as I’m maturing in my...

Student Couple Spotlight: Marianne and Blake

Student Couple Spotlight: Marianne and Blake

How did you find out about Ultimate Ballroom? Through Tom Hamilton (another student) and the internet. Have you had previous experience dancing? A little bit several years ago. Why did you choose to do ballroom dancing? The social aspect of it, as we were looking for...