If you have ever wished to dance or dreamed of dancing, but thought “I have no rhythm”, “I have two left feet”, “I have no talent”, “I would be embarrassed”, The instructors at Ultimate Ballroom would tell you that they have heard all of that and more, and not to let it stop you from taking the first step in what could be a life-changing experience. With personal interest, attention, and support, they will lead you through an extraordinary journey. All you have to do is take the first step…call us at (901)752-0501 or come by.

Misha Konstantynov: Instructor and Owner

Early Years

Born Mykhaylo Konstantynov in Russia, Misha became introduced to ballroom dance very early in life when his family moved to the Ukraine and opened a dance studio there. Drawn by both the artistry and athleticism of dance, Misha himself became involved in dance at the age of 10. From the beginning, Misha has worked with focus, determination and diligence on his craft. This combination earned him his first Ukrainian championship at the age of 12.

Dancing competitively with his sister, Svetlana, they continued in their successes. They were first place Ukrainian champions six times as well as being finalists in championships in Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Belarus. He was granted the title of the Ukrainian Master of Sports of International Class for sports dances in 1998. He was additionally honored for his talent by being awarded the title of Trainer of the Higher Category of Sports Dances and Judge in the First Judicial Category by the Board of Physical Training and Sports in the Ukraine in 2005.

Not only working hours each day on their own competitive dancing, Misha also made time to coach other students in their family’s ballroom studio. With great talent as an instructor and coach, Misha has fostered scores of dancers in their development. Many of these students went on to perform and succeed in professional competitions.

Coming to the U.S.

Recognizing the interest and growth of ballroom dance in the United States, Misha decided to find a way to participate in this exciting opportunity. Coming to the United States in the spring of 2006, he worked in an established studio in Memphis, Tennessee for three years. During that time, he continued in his successes with his students and for himself. Placing numerous times as Top Teacher over the course of 3 years, more importantly to Misha, his students regularly placed as finalists and champions in regional and national competitions spanning the United States.

In 2009 he knew it was time to launch out on his own and opened his studio in Holly Springs, Mississippi. Following in June of 2012, Misha opened Ultimate Ballroom back in his "US home town" of Memphis. Featuring the highest level of floating floors available in the United States and a commercial sound system, the new studio offers a level of ballroom experience not found in other dance schools in Memphis and the MidSouth.

Attending national competitions including Hotlanta, the Heritage, Emerald, Millennium, Hollywood, and Southeastern States, Misha has received multiple Top Teacher and Top Studio awards. His students have succeeded as well by winning numerous scholarship and championship events.

Teaching from the Heart

Misha credits what he has accomplished thus far to the encouragement of his family and their ethic of hard work. He has taken these attributes to heart and as the basis for his own method of teaching others. He takes a personal interest in each student, learning why they want to dance, and what they want to take from that experience. He works hard to provide the best teaching, coaching, choreography and support for each student as an individual. He remains current with his craft with regular sessions with the world’s best coaches and working on his own dance skills.

Ben Stovall: Instructor

null Benjamin Stovall is well known in the Memphis and surrounding dance communities. In fact, if you have been active for long in ballroom dance in Memphis, chances are you've shared a dance with Ben.

Benjamin Stovall started his dance career in Dallas, Texas over ten years ago, where he discovered his passion for performing the ballroom style on stage in studio showcases. After moving to Memphis in 2004, his penchant for entertainment has continued to evolve, while he also continues to develop as a dancer and instructor in the American style of ballroom dancing.

Ben has been a student of ballroom dance, learning a rigorous 13+ dance syllabus with a national dance chain, Receiving numerous certifications in his field, as well as multiple awards and accolades for his increasing skill level, his teaching, and his competition. Ben continues to be not only an instructor of dance, but a student as well, of the constantly growing complexity that is the world of ballroom dance.

Benjamin Stovall has a very special gift and affinity for those students just discovering dance. He knows that most students enter the studio believing they can't dance, have no coordination, no rhythm, and no dance talent. With great patience and encouragement, he leads them into a world of music, rhythm and movement, that shows each of them, that yes...they too can dance.

After a two-year hiatus, Mr. Stovall is excited to be returning to the dance world. He has missed the countless benefits of dancing. But most of all, Ben has missed the student interaction; watching them learn and develop; and seeing their lives change forever through their dancing.