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Starter ProgramThe Starter Program is our most popular dance program for anyone beginning their dance journey. We are excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful world of dance where thrill, excitement, joy, and challenge await! Our Starter Program is designed to teach you the basic steps in the most popular styles of ballroom and Latin dancing. Your instructor’s goal is to focus on making you feel more comfortable and confident on a dance floor.

Our method of teaching will make your dancing experience fun and unforgettable. By the end of the program, you will discover numerous social and health benefits of ballroom dancing.

Featured Dance Styles

~ East Coast Swing
~ Foxtrot
~ Rumba
~ Waltz
~ Specific dance by request


This program includes

  • 3 Private Dance Lessons: The lessons will be scheduled with your own instructor by appointment (35 min. each).
  • 2 Group ClassesThe group classes are a great supplement to your private lessons and can be used to attend any of our regularly scheduled group classes (45 min. each).

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Starter Program

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You may still have a few questions, and that’s okay! Contact us anytime, and our instructors will answer any questions you make have.

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