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Social Foundation ProgramOur Social Foundation Program is a package of private dance lessons that has been specifically designed to include the dance styles and techniques in order to meet each individual dancer’s goals.

The program offers you the foundation patterns of popular dances and musicality, so you will feel comfortable at any social dance occasion. The goal of the program is to teach students the skills and knowledge that can be used immediately on a social dance floor. More specifically, it emphasizes the three most important components of dancing — footwork, timing and lead-and-follow.

Featured Dance Styles

~ Cha Cha
~ Foxtrot
~ Rumba
~ Swing
~ Tango
~ Waltz
~ Specific dance by request

You will be taught all three elements in each lesson and will discover the joy of dancing while learning. You will find how fun it is to move the body to the music and to dance together with a partner. The program covers both Smooth and Rhythm dances, so you will learn how to distinguish music and what dance you can do to a particular song. By learning the correct figure from a man’s or a woman’s standpoint and by learning the method of lead-and-follow, you will become a good social dancer by the end of the program.

This program includes

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Social Foundation

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You may still have a few questions, and that’s okay! Contact us, and our instructors will answer any questions you make have.

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