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We are so grateful to our students for their continuous support and positive feedback on their ballroom dancing experience at Ultimate Ballroom Studio.

The most amazing studio

Ultimate Ballroom is the most amazing and professional dance studio in the Memphis area. Congratulations for 5 successful years and for your future expansion. Love you guys… Michael

Michael W.

Highly recommended … if you want to go have fun dancing

We took private classes with Denys for our wedding! He was super sweet, extremely professional and an amazing teacher! He helped us put together not only 1 but 2 dances! Our Cha Cha/Waltz and our Salsa dance! My now husband went from not knowing how to dance those styles to killing it in the dance floor on our wedding in Perú! We highly recommend Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio not only for your wedding but if you want to go have fun dancing! We are coming back for sure!

Angela L.

Feel so confident!

I came into this first-time experience very apprehensive. I have two left feet and a fear of the spotlight, so picturing a combo of the two was absolutely terrifying. However, the class ended up being the total opposite of what I was fearing. The instructors were so nice and broke down every step so that everyone could understand and follow along. I took away way more knowledge about swing dancing than I ever thought I would! I have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks and feel so confident to get out there and dance! I was embarrassed and uncomfortable when we had to switch partners, but thankful they forced me to step out of my comfort zone. It ended up helping me so much dancing with different people! If I ever need any dance lessons, they are the first on my list to go to :).

Alex D. – Memphis, TN

There are no words!

There are no words for how grateful I am for this studio. I used to dance a long time ago but hadn’t in years and I wasn’t sure what I’d gotten myself into when a friend talked me into going to a Friday night group class. Yet the minute I walked through the door, I could tell this studio was not like most studios I’ve been to. The instructors are incredibly skilled dancers and even better teachers, no matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned competitive dancer. The other students are friendly and welcoming and, above all, supportive of each other. Misha and Ben and the other instructors are incredibly patient and can break things down for each student in a way that they’ll understand–it’s truly individualized instruction. They have weekly practice parties, group classes, workshops, individual lessons–there’s something for everyone. This is not a low-pressure sales type of studio–it’s a no-pressure sales type of studio but you’ll just have so much fun that you have to come back. What better way to exercise, relieve stress and make friends? All is right with the world as long as I get my weekly “fix” at Ultimate Ballroom!

JD – Memphis, TN

Great instructors!

An awesome dance studio with great instructors, and fun environment. All the classes, workshops and Friday night parties are top notch!!

Mohona S. – Memphis,TN

Improved exponentially!

I had been dancing a while when I tried Ultimate Ballroom. I had no idea what I had been missing before! My dancing has improved exponentially! The teachers at Ultimate Ballroom have a skilled ability to determine what each student’s needs and wants are and deliver just that. They are patient and encouraging with the most beginner of dancers and skilled and detailed with the competitive dancers. With Misha at the helm and Jorja and Ben on board, they have quite the winning team. I would highly recommend this studio for all levels of dancing ability.

Tracy H. – Arlington, TN

So incredibly happy!

We all can’t ignore how much Dancing with the Stars has really taken off. My parents love that show, and I love that show. Every time I watch it I want to go dancing (or dance around my house… sue me). Not sure if its cause I danced in high school, but I love dancing. All types of dancing. It makes me so incredibly happy. Even if you don’t like dancing you still will love this place! The instructors break everything down for you. They have mirrors in the front so you can see what you are doing. They also make you switch partners, which I loved. I enjoy dancing with all types, heights of people haha. I highly recommend this place if you want to do something fun that is a little out of the norm. The instructors were all so nice. You could tell they really love what they are doing. Their music was fun, too!

Deanna W. – Memphis, TN

Continue to be amazed!

I continue to be amazed at the level of professionalism and caring at this studio. Wish there were more stars!

Katharine K. – Memphis, TN

Best in town!

Ballroom dancing can be difficult to master unless you take lessons at Ultimate Ballroom. Misha has an amazing ability to break down the steps into easy to learn patterns. He also has the patience of Job! He can create a showcase dance that makes the beginner learner look like the winner of Dancing with the Stars! His patience and great sense of humor makes the lessons and dances even more pleasurable. He has added 2 teachers who are also fantastic. If he is planning a special occasion, you can count on a great night of entertainment, food, music, dancing and wonderful decorations. You will not go wrong taking a lesson or joining a group class at his studio!! The studio is by far the best in town!!

Sarah S. – Memphis, TN

Showcase was amazing!

I am so proud my daughter found this wonderful place to dance! Anthony and Misha are wonderful instructors! The showcase was amazing!

Stacy G. – Memphis, TN

Have to come back!

Had a great time taking a swing dance lesson today. I had the perfect partner. The dance floor was exceptional and the instructors made it easy to follow along and keep up. They broke down all the steps and the moves so we looked pretty darn good by the end of class. Going to have to come back for a Friday night dance party. And what shall I try next – Latin, Ballroom – so many choices.

Carla H. – Cordova, TN

Audience was captivated!

I am so impressed with the ballroom experience at Ultimate Ballroom Studio. I’ve seen many showcases before, but this one was special. It was obvious that the 20+ students performing were having such a good time, the instructors were dancing for their students, and the audience was captivated! This is where I would go! Terrific job, UB!

Jonathan P. – Bartlett, TN

Memphis is fortunate!

Ultimate Ballroom Dance Studio is an outstanding place to learn ballroom dancing! Memphis is fortunate to have instructors of such excellent caliber who can teach any level. These instructors are not just fantastic dancers, they are fantastic teachers. From the moment I walked through the door as a complete beginner, I felt welcome and comfortable. I have been taking lessons with Ultimate Ballroom since February 2014, and have enjoyed every moment! Also, every single person I’ve met through this studio including other students and dancers who come to Friday night practice parties, has been so friendly and nice. This studio is a special place and I highly recommend it.

Erica D – Memphis, TN

None of that pretend stuff!

They taught me how to swing dance!!! Someone with two left feet!!! The instructors are incredibly kind and really teach you how to dance…none of that pretend stuff. For example, we had to change partners…a lot. Which is great because that actually teaches you how to dance because you have to think and can’t just follow the same person song after son after song…even though I always want to lead. A couple of those guys put me in my place, haha!

Joelle P. – Valencia, Spain

Settle for Nothing Less…

Top ballroom instruction in Memphis. Once someone tries it, they’ll settle for nothing less…

Gregg E. – Cordova, TN

Real deal

I had been trying to find a place like this for a long time . They are the real deal . Instructors are all professional dancers and customize their teaching for each student . Dance has also great benefits no just physical but somehow emotional l . When you see students of all ages dancing you can feel their confidence , see their posture . You don’t have to be skinny to dance . They will make you love dancing and enjoy it and do it just for the fun and beauty of it They will make you feel as the most gracious of the dancers , you just will love it even you have never danced ballroom before.

Amanda V.  –  Collierville, TN

Great experience!

Thanks to the experienced, professional, and personalized instruction from the teachers at Ultimate Ballroom, ballroom dance has become an important part of my life. I can enter tired and with no energy, and leave feeling great. And I have made friends that I know will last for the rest of my life. Thank you, Ultimate Ballroom!

Cheryl P. – Germantown, TN

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