Jorja Sims


Jorja Sims began discovering her passion for dance over twenty years ago as a “toddler tumbler.” As a young dancer, Jorja had her mother by her side to help guide her along the way. Over the years, she trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop, attended many conventions and workshops, performed in numerous recitals and shows, and competed in the UDA nationals for 3 consecutive years as a co-captain for her school’s dance team.

In 2006, Jorja set about the wide variety of dance styles that ballroom dancing offered. For seven years she was trained by many different nationally accredited coaches and studied over thirteen different dances in the American style. Between 2008 and 2013, she won medals at regional competitions in Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and was awarded the Top Overall Female Teacher in 2012.

Although Jorja appreciates the beauty and technical aspect of each of the dances, Salsa and West Coast Swing have become two of the most enjoyable for her as she has learned the spontaneity and artistry of social dancing.

“The creation of movement to music between two people, sometimes strangers, is a feeling like nothing else. Learning to physically and emotionally connect with and follow another person makes for endless new experiences.”

Jorja is very excited and enthusiastic about being part of the Ultimate Dance Ballroom Studio. She has great experience in teaching all levels, both ladies and men, and all styles.

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