Iurii Kora


Iurii Kora, “Yura” discovered dance at the age of only seven when his parents brought him to a local studio. Born and raised in Nikopol, Ukraine, dancing for young boys and girls was viewed as an active sport, just as baseball or basketball in the US. Yura found that he had a natural skill for the sport and has continued to this day. Training in both Latin and Standard, Yura competed in both styles from age seven. Over the course of the next sixteen years, Yura excelled, winning competitions in his native Ukraine, Poland, and Slovakia.

Recognizing that ballroom dance in the United States has been experiencing a growth in popularity over the last decade, Yura made the decision to continue his career here as an instructor. Settling in Memphis, TN at Ultimate Ballroom, Yura set to work with his inborn drive and determination. Learning the additional styles of American Rhythm and Smooth dance within a short period of time, Yura took his students to national competitions and competed in all 4 styles (International Ballroom, International Latin, American Rhythm, and American Smooth). Not only did Yura place as one of the top teachers in several competitions, his students placed and won in many of their divisions in all four styles of dance.

Yura enjoys the teaching and choreography aspects of dance perhaps the most and looks forward to many years with Ultimate Ballroom sharing and growing the enjoyment and skill of his students. Ultimate Ballroom is excited to welcome Yura to our ballroom family.

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