Benjamin Stovall


Benjamin Stovall is well known in the Memphis and surrounding dance communities. In fact, if you have been active for long in ballroom dance in Memphis, chances are you’ve shared a dance with Ben.

Benjamin Stovall started his dance career in Dallas, Texas over ten years ago, where he discovered his passion for performing the ballroom style on stage in studio showcases. After moving to Memphis in 2004, his penchant for entertainment has continued to evolve, while he also continues to develop as a dancer and instructor in the American style of ballroom dancing.

Ben has been a student of ballroom dance, learning a rigorous 13+ dance syllabus with a national dance chain, receiving numerous certifications in his field, as well as multiple awards and accolades for his increasing skill level, his teaching, and his competition. Ben continues to be not only an instructor of dance, but a student as well of the constantly growing complexity that is the world of ballroom dance.

Benjamin Stovall has a very special gift and affinity for those students just discovering dance. He knows that most students enter the studio believing they can’t dance, have no coordination, no rhythm, and no dance talent. With great patience and encouragement, he leads them into a world of music, rhythm and movement, that shows each of them, that yes… they too can dance.

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